barbie shoe

Some say this jewelry IS their childhood.  Others consider it an homage to Sex in the City.  Either way, they're great looking, solid sterling silver and you deserve to wear them!

barrel o' monkeys

Cast in solid sterling silver, these playful little monkeys want to hang from your ears and your neck.  There's just not much that's more endearing than a playful littke monkey!

building block

You've built with them, you've stepped on them, you've collected them... now you can wear them!

chocolate chip

No fat, no calories, no carbs!  Okay, it's not really chocolate, but still, really good!


As a young mom, you've dug them out of car seats, out from under sofa cushions, and crunched them on the carpet - maybe even worn them on a yarn necklace around your neck. Haven't you (or your favorite mom) earned the right to wear sterling silver breakfast cereal to commemorate it all?

cocktail monkey

Cast from the plastic monkey you might remember hanging over the side of your kiddie cocktail. Necklace monkey hangs from it's tail on a 20" sterling chain. Comes with an original plastic monkey too!


cocktail sword

Cast in sterling silver from a deadly cocktail sword.

coffee bean

no caffeine, no acidity, just shiny sterling silver.


Get them while they last.  This is the last "school" of fish.  When they're gone, they're gone.  Cast from a mini size.

good luck token

Lucky token is cast in sterling silver from an actual amusement park token. Great way to send a token of your esteem, token of your love, or token of you appreciation.


gummy Bear

no carbs, no sugar, just beautiful, shiny sterling candy to wear around your neck!

hot dog

Looks good enough to eat! Sterling bun and original plastic hotdog inside!


Your jack jewelry comes to you in a drawsting bag with a real rubber ball :  )


Trade in that dried pasta necklace for sterling silver.  You deserve it! Whether it's to commemorate your years as a toddler parent, your love of pasta, or you recognize the great design of this classic noodle, this jewelry is for you!

rubber chicken

This sterling silver rubber chicken is cast from an actual miniature rubber chicken and your order will include a tiny rubber chicken too!

good rubber duckie / bad rubber duckie



45 RPM insert

For gals AND guys: cast in solid sterling silver from an original 45 RPM insert. Your order comes with an original plastic adapter as well!  A real classic.


sea monkey feeding spoon

Remember sea monkeys from the backs of magazines when you were a kid?  This ring is cast from my sister's original sea monkey feeding spoon.  One side says "feed adult sea monkeys".  The other side reads, "feel baby sea monkeys". Adjustable to fit everyone :  )

sewing bobbins

Cast in sterling silver straight from your mother's old sewing kit.



According to Wikepidia, wingnut is a name for an eccentric person. Are you or someone you love a genuine "wing nut"?  Cast in sterling silver from real hardware, baby.  (wear the pin on your left lapel to identify yourself as a proud "leftwing nut")


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